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Now Accepting Insurance

Knee Pain Program

Osteoarthritis is the most frequently occurring joint disorder in the United States, affecting nearly 27 million people. Osteoarthritis in the knee alone affects more than 26% percent of people over the age of 60. It often develops slowly, and the pain can worsen over time.
With so many people suffering from osteoarthritis, it is important to understand the wide range of treatments available. While osteoarthritis is not curable, there are highly effective treatment options available that can noticeably improve and manage pain – without having to resort to invasive surgery or addictive pain medications.
One of those options is a therapy we offer called Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP.

Listen to one of our Patient's Stories:

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Video: What Cortisone Injections Actually Do to Your Knees

Find out why NIVA’s therapies are the preferred treatment for knee osteoarthritis – instead of corticosteroid shots:
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Knee Pain Relief That Lasts

NIVA Health offers the highest standards in natural pain relief. We tailor each care plan to match the needs of each individual patient. Our goal is to develop a customized care plan to help each patient achieve lasting pain relief.

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