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Now Accepting Insurance

NIVA's Neuropathy Program

A large percentage of adults over the age of 35 suffer from peripheral neuropathy. That is more than 20 million people in the United States alone. This is a type of chronic inflammatory condition that causes a continuation of pain and lessens the quality of life for patients suffering from it.
Having Neuropathy means there is a dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves. When nerve cells are injured, they cannot successfully communicate with the brain. Neuropathy affects the three types of peripheral nerves: sensory, motor and autonomic. These nerves connect the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) to the rest of your body. When those nerves are damaged it produces severe and painful symptoms.

An Innovative Pain Management Therapy Option

Peripheral neuropathy occurs due to damaged nerves that send pain signals from the peripheral sensory receptors to the brain, which in turn causes pain. This damage produces severe pain, numbness, a burning sensation, tingling, loss of coordination, cramping, inability to feel, muscle weakness and many more symptoms. The most common cause of neuropathy is diabetes, but other medical factors and conditions can cause nerve damage, such as chemotherapy, injury to nerves through repetitive motions, vitamin deficiencies/imbalances, autoimmune disorders, infections and exposure to heavy metals and certain chemicals.
By using our cutting edge NIVA’s therapeutic option, we can treat chronic pain associated with peripheral neuropathy and other forms of chronic musculoskeletal pain without surgery or medication. NIVA’s Neuropathy Program uses therapeutic energy waves to stimulate the body on a cellular level to optimize energy levels between your cells that will heal injured tissues and relieve pain. It is FDA cleared with highly effective and proven results.
NIVA’s electrotherapy treats chronic pain associated with neuropathy and other forms of chronic pain at the source rather than masking the pain with medication. It’s non-invasive and has minimal side effects.
This therapy may treat:

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NIVA's Neuropathy Program Testimonials

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Benefits of NIVA's Neuropathy Program

You may be pleasantly surprised at what NIVA’s Neuropathy therapy can do for you. By stimulating repair of the damaged cells causing your symptoms, we can provide you long-lasting relief from your symptoms. There are a vast multitude of benefits you may gain from undergoing this therapy, including:
NIVA’s Neuropathy Program is a form of pain management that is non-invasive, safe, drug-free, and a painless treatment with no downtime.

To find out more, including whether NIVA’s Neuropathy Program can address your neuropathy symptoms, call us at your Local NIVA Health Office. Call your Local NIVA Health Office to get started. You can also request an appointment or sign up for a complimentary consultation now.