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Now Accepting Insurance

Weight Loss

Stop the yo-yo diet madness! If you are struggling to lose weight, you are not alone. Many people struggle with achieving their weight loss goals on their own – this is where help from a trained health coach comes in. Our customized weight loss and nutrition program is what YOU need to take the pounds off – and keep them off.
If you’ve tried to lose weight on your own without success, you may have specific metabolic challenges holding you back. At NIVA Health, we don’t try to sell you special foods or other products. Rather, our trained health coaches help you identify the precise hurdles you face and come up with a customized plan – designed with you in mind.
It doesn’t take a lifetime to achieve results, either. You will look and feel amazing in just 40 days!

Powered by Lifetime Wellness

Rafael Foss, D.C. created the Lifetime Wellness Program, a process backed by science with proven results. It’s the real-life solution you’ve been looking for.

What to Expect

When you visit one of NIVA Health’s dedicated weight loss clinics, your journey begins with a body composition analysis. This gives us a more accurate understanding of your weight, including where your excess fat is stored in addition to percentage of body fat.
Our program is a four-stage process:
1. Load Up. An essential first step involves eating lots of healthy fats.

2. Lose It. Next is 40 days of losing the weight based on a customized meal plan guide consisting of real food. We may also recommend all-natural supplements to help get your body back to an anti-inflammatory state.

3. Lock It In. Once you’ve hit your number, you’ll start eating a lot more calories for several weeks while maintaining your goal weight.
4. Live On. Now that your weight is under your control, we simply periodically run a body composition analysis to ensure you remain on target.

Weight Loss Benefits

Losing weight makes you look and feel good, and it’s also good for you. In addition to the obvious benefits of being on the Lifetime Wellness Program – such as immediate, daily results – the process changes you at a molecular level. This ensures the results you achieve can last a lifetime.
The impact losing weight can have on your health cannot be understated. Weight loss can help with so many medical conditions and issues, including:

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