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Cosmetic laser surgery treatments are non-surgical methods of removing or improving the appearance of freckles, liver spots, and pigmented lesions. A laser wand device is used to deliver small precise amounts of light energy. The light is delivered in brief pulses. With cosmetic laser surgery, only the targeted area (ie. brown spots, blood vessels, hair) absorbs the energy. The surrounding skin is unaffected. Laser treatments require only brief office visits. They are a safe and effective alternative to the surgical removal of unwanted spots.

You can receive cosmetic laser treatments in your doctor’s office. Treatment sessions are usually very short. To deliver the treatment, your doctor will simply place the laser wand over your skin to deliver the light beam. You may feel a slight sting during the procedure. In some cases, topical or local anesthesia may be used. Aftercare typically involves keeping the area clean and moisturized while it heals.
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