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Radiesse® is a skin filler treatment used to rapidly correct facial lines and wrinkles, particularly nasolabial folds, lines that run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth.  Radiesse® works below the skin’s surface to create new scaffolding to support your skin and make it appear fuller.  Not only does it add volume to your skin, but Radiesse® also stimulates your skin to produce new collagen.  Unlike other skin filler treatments, the youthful appearance that you gain from Radiesse® is long lasting—usually over a year.

Radiesse® is an injected gel. It is injected with a very fine needle that does not leave a scar or other traces on the skin. Radiesse® contains special calcium-based spheres that are suspended in a natural gel. This special formula works beneath your skin. It creates new scaffolding for your skin, adding volume to your skin and making it appear more youthful. Radiesse® stimulates your skin to produce new collagen and rebuild your skin’s foundation. The product is safe and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Radiesse® is especially formulated for lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Radiesse® produces a fresh natural rested appearance. Radiesse® is not permanent, but it does last longer than other types of skin filler treatments. Your body safely and gradually absorbs the calcium-based microspheres.

During a consultation before your treatment, your doctor will examine your skin and listen to your concerns. You should tell your doctor about your desired outcome. Because there is no skin testing required, you may receive your treatment on the same day in your doctor’s office. However, people that take aspirin or vitamins may want to discontinue them for one week before the procedure, as they may contribute to bruising.

Treatment with Radiesse® is safe, simple, and fast—it can be performed over your lunch hour. First, your skin will be numbed with a local anesthetic. Intraoral dental block or local anesthesia may be used. Next, the Radiesse® dermal filler is injected beneath your skin with a very fine needle. You will see the results of Radiesse® immediately. You may experience some minor swelling or tenderness for a few days, or in some cases up to two weeks.

Radiesse® is a long-term skin enhancement method. Results may last from about 12-18 months. You may have follow-up visits and touch-ups if necessary.

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