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Restylane® is a skin filler that is used to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of aging facial skin.  Restylane restores natural volume to your skin—correcting fine lines, creating fuller lips, and enhancing the shape of your cheeks or chin or even the hollows below your eyes.  Restylane treatments are quick, and the results will last 4-10 months depending upon the areas treated and the amount of motion in the area.  Restylane is an immediate and safe way to attain a more youthful-looking facial appearance.

Restylane is an injected gel. Restylane is injected with a very fine needle that does not leave a scar or other traces on the face. The gel is made from a safe, natural substance, hyaluronic acid. Restylane is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Restylane is available in different formulas especially suited for fine lines, lips, or cheek or chin augmentation. Restylane may be used in combination with other products, such as Perlane® to achieve the desired results. The gel lifts the skin and creates a smooth full appearance. The affects of Restylane are long lasting, but temporary. Your body will gradually absorb the gel and safely eliminate it from your body. Touch-up treatments are recommended to refine and maintain your new youthful look.

You will have a consultation with your doctor prior to your treatment. Your doctor will examine your skin and listen to your concerns. You should tell your doctor about expectations. Together, you will formulate a treatment plan just for you.

You can receive Restylane injections in your doctor’s office. There is no need to wait for a skin test. The treatment is quick and easy. Most treatments last less than 30 minutes.

Restylane injections use a very fine needle and may cause minimal discomfort. Most areas of the face can be treated without numbing the face first. However, if you prefer to receive a local anesthetic or topical cream to numb the area prior to treatment, this may be applied before your treatment. You can simply mention it to your doctor.

You can see the beautiful results of Restylane immediately. The length of time that Restylane lasts is very individualized. Treatment for fine lines and wrinkles can be effective for a year or longer. Regular follow-up appointments and touch-ups at six months or more may be recommended. Lip injections may last up to six months, and touch-ups may be recommended two to four weeks after the initial treatment for fine adjustments. Chin and cheek augmentation is long-lasting, and touch-ups may be recommended at six months to a year following treatment.

One advantage of Restylane is that the affects are long lasting, but not permanent. As you will continue to age, something permanent may take on an undesirable appearance (ie. lumps or bumps). You can re-evaluate your needs to combine treatments to achieve the affect you want. A follow-up appointment or touch-up can be arranged at anytime following your initial treatment.

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